What Others Are Saying About

“Many can benefit greatly from this”

“This moving story speaks openly and deeply to the struggle we all face on our human journey when we search honestly and look deeply for the existence of God and Truth. Through his unfolding quest, while looking both inwardly and outwardly, Martin illustrates the importance of bravely questioning closely held beliefs regardless of consequences. No doubt, many can benefit greatly from this offering.”

Sally Johnson
Therapist and Teacher of Transpersonal Psychology
Wiarton, ON

“Two persons sharing their thoughts, doubts, and genuine feelings”

“(The novel) is a powerful testament to your struggles with your ‘faith,’ shaped into a deep friendship and searching with another person. Two persons sharing their thoughts, doubts, and genuine feelings is much like sharing in today’s world should be.”

Isobel Field
Waterloo, ON

“May this book inspire, warm and guide others”

“I really liked how you have put your earlier work into the form of a novel. My earlier review still holds. May this book inspire, warm, and guide others on their personal journey and quest for a spiritual space to call home between god and goodness—it certainly has the potential to do so!"

Dr. Thomas Mengel, Professor
Renaissance College, U. of New Brunswick

 “In truth, it resonated with me”

“Thank you for sharing your novella. I read it in one sitting.
“In truth, it resonated with me. There are particular moments in Seismic Shift that especially spoke to me:
‘When I hear the word God . . . I have to substitute the word Goodness, Love, or Justice for that statement to have any meaning.’
‘I still consider myself a person of faith—not in religious beliefs, but in life-enhancing values.’
‘. . . we need to incarnate God or Goodness into our world.’
‘. . . we need ministers, chaplains, and student groups that are spiritual, but not necessarily religious . . . .’
‘I don’t believe in God, but I miss Him.’ (here you’re quoting Julian Barnes)
‘We all need God, in the sense of Goodness.’
"As well, I appreciated your vision for the United Church of Canada . . . I’m just not holding my breath!”

Ken Fredrick
Edmonton, AB

 “I enjoyed reading the challenges faced by Philip”

“As a progressive Christian who has chosen to stay involved in an organized church (The United Church of Canada), I enjoyed reading the challenges faced by Philip and the decisions that he came to with regards to God/Goodness. I’m not sure that I ever really believed in a theist God so I have not had to overcome that hurdle in my own faith journey.”

Jim Bowman
Kitchener/Waterloo, ON

A Reflection on Seismic Shift: The novel by a U. of Waterloo student