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Spring had finally arrived. It had been a long winter, but now at last the snow was melting and the birds were returning. It was 1994. Bill Clinton was in the White House. Jean Chretien was prime minister of Canada.

One night in April, Philip could not sleep. He had just heard reports coming out of Rwanda that Tutsi men, women and children were being slaughtered by militant Hutus on the pews of a church. A church, for Christ’s sake! How could God allow this? How could a loving, heavenly Father or Mother allow hundreds of innocent people, especially children, to be hacked to death, if He or She had the power to intervene and protect them?

The Rwanda genocide for Philip was what the Jewish Holocaust was for many of his parents’ generation. It was a slap across the face to wake up and re-examine his faith, for in 1994 Philip was a believer—a Christian believer. He believed in God as a supernatural Being who created and sustains life, including those children in Rwanda.

Seismic means “having a strong or widespread impact;
And when the ground shakes, there may be a time of grief before there is relief; a time of loss before there is discovery; a time of darkness before there is light.

SEISMIC SHIFT: The novel is Philip’s journey into that light.

Keith Martin lives on the Bruce Peninsula in Wiarton, Ontario with his wife Jenny, where they raised their children Ryan and Carol-Lee. He is the founder and director of Spectrum A&E Media and serves as a nonreligious chaplain at U. of Waterloo and U. of Guelph. He is the author of Seismic Shift: From God to Goodness.

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ISBN: 978-0-9921022-2-7

Seismic Shift: The novel is now available in pdf format.
(The staggered format allows for printing the pages back to back, trimming them to 8.5" x 5.5" and placing them in a 9" x 7" 3-hole binder available from Staples. To read the pdf version without excessive scrolling, you'll need a laptop or desktop computer, not an e-reader or smartphone.)
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