Seismic Shift: From God to Goodness

For those who want to believe in God but can't.

For those who once believed in God but now aren’t so sure.

Since Medieval Times, our view of the world has undergone enormous shifts: from believing that the world is flat, to understanding that it is a sphere; from believing that the earth is the centre of our solar system, to understanding that the sun is; from believing that kings, queens and popes have a divine right to rule over us, to believing that democracy is far better and fairer. Some of these shifts have been revolutionary. Many of those who first advocated them were branded as heretics and killed.

A similar revolution is happening in our understanding of God. Even though it may seem more subtle, like the shift from a total eclipse to a diamond ring eclipse, it has far-reaching implications. The transition from beliefs that may have made sense in the past but now leave us confused and in the dark, to values that bring insight and understanding, can be the difference between despair and hope, death and life.

Seismic means “having a strong or widespread impact; earthshaking.” And when the ground shakes, there may be a time of grief before there is relief; a time of loss before there is discovery; a time of darkness before there is light.

SEISMIC SHIFT: From God to Goodness is one person’s journey into that light. It is a journey from traditional faith in God as a supernatural Being, past New Spirituality concepts of God as Oneness or Energy, to a progressive spirituality that envisions God not as a higher Being, or a delusion, but a higher Ideal—especially the ideal of Goodness. What if God is not a Being but a metaphor—a metaphor for life, love and goodness in the universe? What if God is not a divine Person but a personification of that life-force, especially of goodness. Then true spirituality is not about using the right God words, or even any God words, but about longing for and bringing goodness into our world, without which life and relationships don't work.

SEISMIC SHIFT was written first and foremost for the author’s children. If it helps others on their spiritual journeys, so much the better. It offers a radical but believable alternative to traditional faith similar to John Robinson's Honest to God, Marcus Borg’s The God We Never Knew, John Spong's Why Christianity Must Change or Die, and Gretta Vosper’s With or Without God.

Keith Martin is founder and director of Spectrum A&E Media, a non-profit, registered charity fostering values that enhance life ( A companion DVD, Seismic Shift: Spirituality for the Rest of Us, will be available from Spectrum as soon as enough donors can be found. Keith lives in Wiarton, Ontario, Canada with his wife Jenny, their son Ryan, and their daughter Carol-Lee.


Seismic Shift: From God to Goodness was published November 10, 2013. 

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